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"There was a moment in time
When we shared a world of loving and laughter
Yet all the joy that we knew
Held traces of indigo blue"

With the release of her latest country album, Indigo Blue, Wendy is generating a fresh wave of interest and excitement as an artist. This is her second mainstream country project, and her fifth album in six years, including her successful country gospel releases. With Indigo Blue, she reaches new levels artistically in a blues flavored, emotionally charged album that explores the full range of life experience. Initial response to the album from reviewers and from radio has been enthusiastic. Her first single, Just Listen, received a positive write-up from Robert Oermann, music reviewer for Music Row magazine, and he included her single, Mobile, in his “honorable mentions” in the May 2002 issue of Music Row. More recently, she was nominated in April 2004 for Country Female Artist of the Year by New Music Weekly, a radio industry publication based in Los Angeles that charts national radio play; she was the only independent artist in a group that included well known, major label nominees. Her exposure at radio continues to grow as more and more country stations and radio audiences discover this gifted artist.

wendy cover2.JPG (44335 bytes)Wendy’s musical talent and her warmth and self assurance were encouraged during her early years in Eastern Pennsylvania and later as she grew up on a rural acreage near Bozeman, Montana. Her childhood was a lively blend of family, friends, church, 4H, school activities and music, with the music, especially country and gospel music, gradually taking center stage. By 10th grade, this talented singer was wowing choir mates and audiences with her distinctive alto voice and effortless style. She continued to hone her talent performing with the Montana State University choir and for area churches and other groups.

Her travels brought her to Colorado Springs where she became involved in the music program of a local church. Her solo one Sunday morning led to a working relationship with church pianist and White Water Records executive John Nelson. Wendy began recording song demos for John’s publishing company. Nelson said, “although she had never recorded before, she was immediately at home in the studio, and hearing her sing in those sessions was like having a light go on in the room.” Her natural feel for the music and her striking voice and confidence as a performer soon led to her signing as an artist with White Water Records.

wendy 3 bio-small.JPG (24505 bytes)Wendy’s last album, Wanted, released in summer 2001, is a collection of country gospel hits from Wendy’s first three albums, along with three new songs recorded for this project. Wanted includes a number of songs that were top ten hits on the Christian Country charts, and songs from this project continue to enjoy widespread airplay. Her previous Country album, Ten Below, has received airplay on hundreds of country stations, including WSM-AM in Nashville, with one single reaching the No.1 spot on the Inside Country Indie chart; other singles from that album were top ten hits on various country charts. Her first two albums, Still Waters Run Deep, and Child of Mine, are country gospel projects that continue to enjoy widespread airplay on country and Christian radio stations nationally, and they continue to sell steadily.

Wendy has a unique voice and style that is immediately identifiable. You won’t mistake her for anyone else, and there is a warmth and a genuine down to earth quality about her that audiences, both live and at radio, immediately relate to. Indigo Blue is a unique album by a unique talent, a refreshing sound that will stand out on the country music scene. Take time to give Indigo Blue a careful listen. We know you’ll be impressed.

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